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Head of House                                  Stephen Hawksworth
House Sports Leader Derek Block
House Arts Co-ordinator Nicole Sullivan
House Captains Jacqui Pascoe & Jack Porter
Vice Captains Ellie Bloxham & Ben Johnson
Sports Captains Chloe Hall & Ben Dixon
Tutor Groups
H1 Nicole Sullivan & Rowena Pickering
H2 Andrew Milson
H3 Henna Iqbal
H4 Maggie Gibbons
H5 Mark Smith
H6 Simon Birkenshaw & Will Khambatta
H7 Sarah Walmsley
H8 Sarah Burgess
H9 Rebecca McClintock

Assembly Day: Monday 


Hockney House

House Captains statement - As our logo states we, as a house, are ‘proud to succeed’. Hockney has the largest team of House Captains and prefects. We are holders of many trophies, including three out of the four sporting trophies. We are particularly proud of the Selby High School Olympiad trophy because it represents the fantastic achievements of London 2012 and shows we can follow in the footsteps of the Olympians who are, to us, the greatest role models of our generation. Fundraising is significant to Hockney. We involve everyone in the charity events by showing how proud we are to support our chosen charity, St Leonards Hospice. By raising money and improving awareness of the charities, we help to bring the entire house together by gathering life changing amounts of funding. Being representatives for Hockney is a huge honour due to the warm welcome we provide to all students. We hope every individual feels confident and happy during their experience at Selby High School and exceeds their goals.

Assistant Learning Manager - Hockney House nurtures a supportive and encouraging ethos. Our prefect team enjoys interacting with all of its members and works hard to maintain a high profile around school. They help to provide both positive role models and a point of advice and guidance for students lower down the school.

We have enjoyed much competitive success within Selby High School, winning the Benedict Shield in 2011 and winning the Walker cup on 3 of the 6 occasions that it has been presented. Our sporting success has also seen us raise the 2 tug-of-war trophies 11 out of 12 times that it has been awarded.

We are proud to take our name from one of Yorkshire’s most influential artists, David Hockney whose contribution to British pop art is undeniable.

We enjoy raising money for charity, this years House charity is St Leonards Hospice, a local charity caring for people with life-threatening illnesses, in a purpose-built Hospice unit with 20 beds that also offers day care at the Hospice for people living in their own homes.

Hockney is a wonderful house to be part of, we have a strong identity within the school and strive hard to maintain our high standards both in the classroom and in the sporting arena.


David HockneyDavid Hockney - Born in Bradford in 1937, the fourth of five children, is an English painter, printmaker, stage designer and photographer, he now lives in Bridlington in the East Riding of Yorkshire.

He is considered one of the most influential British artists of the 20th Century. One of his more recent paintings named The Splash sold for £2.6 million.

It is estimated that from a humble beginning in Bradford that David Hockney is now worth over £36 million.

David still values the importance of Education and made a contribution to the development of a large theatre at a school in his home town of Bradford.


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